Super Tractor Oil Universal 15W/30 (STOU)


Aegis Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) 15W/30 Oil

Aegis Super Tractor Oil Universal oil is a high quality multifunctional oil suitable for use in all four stroke engines including modern tractors, agricultural tractors, machinery and farm vehicles, off highway vehicles, transmissions, hydraulic systems, final drives and wet brakes.


  • Where API CG-4, CF, CE, CD, CC, CB or CA oils are recommended.
  • Where API GL-4 oils are required.
  • Where Partial GL-5 gear protection is required.



  • Exceeds API CF-4 requirements for engine wear and deposit control.
  • Extra protection for low speed high RPM conditions.
  • Protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown.
  • Maintains viscosity over a range of temperatures and provides stay in grade performance through the recommended drive train.
  • Excellent protection in both hot and cold sections of the engine, even in severe stop and go service.
  • Improves oil consumption control and provides longer engine life.
  • Provides protection against foam, rust and corrosion.