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Super Tractor Oil Universal STOU

STOU is a multipurpose super tractor oil suitable for naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines fitted in tractors and contractors plant and transmissions including those incorporating wet brakes, hydraulic and hydrostatic systems.

Powerful detergent and dispersant properties offer excellent oxidation and thermal stability, while extreme pressure additives protect highly loaded gears, and friction modifiers prevent squawk from oil immersed brakes. Excellent grip is provided for PTO clutches.

Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) allows most tractors and contractors plant to operate on a single grade of oil for the engine, transmission and hydraulics, permitting grade rationalisation and preventing the misuse of separate grades.

  1. Super Tractor Oil Universal 15W/30 (STOU)
  2. Super Tractor Oil Universal 15W/40 (STOU)