Blending an unrivalled range of quality virgin lubricants

How Aegis Can Help Your Business


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How Aegis, can help your business
Kiwi World Touring Car Champion, Paul Radisich, has spent most of his life round oil companies, but usually as a result of his motor racing sponsorship. These days, Radisich is the owner of an oil company – and now his company, Aegis Oil, is sponsoring championship winning race cars in the NZ V8 series.Aegis Oil is a private, wholly New Zealand-owned company, established more than 30 years ago by Frank Radisich which is now owned and run by Paul Radisich.Aegis Oil combines a tradition of genuine and proven customer service with an extensive range of mineral, semi and fully synthetic quality virgin automotive oils and industrial lubricants. Offering lubricant solutions for all agricultural, automotive, forestry, marine, mowing and heavy machinery, the Aegis Oil brand can be trusted to protect engines and equipment with its API specification lubricants – and regularly at better prices than the imported labels. The Aegis Oil point of difference is that it blends and distributes its own range of premium lubricants right here in New Zealand, giving customers peace of mind of knowing they are dealing with a company that is focused on New Zealand businesses, and can supply stock on demand. Located in Thames, Aegis Oil operates New Zealand’s sole oil blending plant, and in addition to its vast range of products, it can also blend bespoke lubrication products to customer specifications and requirements. It can package oil products in all sizes from 1-litre bottles to 209 litre bulk drums.The blending process uses high quality additives to international specifications in line with SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and API (American Petroleum Institute) industry compliance. Aegis Oil’s products not only meet these standards but often exceed them. For example, Aegis super diesel motor oil SAE 15W40 meets the CI-4 and API SL classification because it has been specifically blended as low-ash (low saps) diesel oil for late model high performance diesel engines, including supercharged and turbocharged units.The Aegis semi synthetic oil SAE 10W30 is suitable for use in passenger cars as well as delivery vans and light trucks. It provides excellent all season protection with the latest in shear stable viscosity index improver technology. According to Aegis, this oil offers the highest protection against wear, rust, oxidation, piston scuffing, valve gear wear and engine deposits. Aegis Oil High Tech Lubricants
The Aegis SAE EP80W90 and Aegis SAE EP85W140 gear oils are extreme pressure lubricants for gearboxes, hypoid final drives and differentials which are found in most vehicles. These two products are for uses wherever an extreme pressure type of oil is recommended for initial fill or for topping up as required.
Aegis Oil can also provide workshop owner/operators with other sundries such as kerosene, organic antifreeze, brake fluid, grease and hand cleaner making it a truly one stop shop for the automotive service trade.Try Aegis today – next day deliveries straight to your doorOrder on 0800 655645 or
Blending an unrivalled range of quality virgin lubricants