Aegis Oil Lube Guide

Find the right grade of Aegis Oil for your Vehicle in our Lube Guide as well as other fluids and lubricants to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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Find the right Aegis Lubricants for your vehicle

Classic and Vintage Oils

Aegis Classic & Vintage Oils are high grade oils specifically designed for Classic & Vintage Cars in grades that are required in older vehicles.

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Passenger Vehicles

Aegis Oil produces a full range of Mineral, Semi-Synthetic and Full Syntheitc oils for use in every type of vehicle from your Model T through to the latest high performance supercars. Whatever you drive, Aegis has the oil for you.

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Passenger Vehicle Oils by Aegis Oil New Zealand

Aegis Oil Catalogue

View our latest product catalogue right here online featuring our complete range of mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic oils specifically blended for New Zealand conditions, along with our CleanEzy range of chemicals and cleaning products as …

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Aegis Oil Catalogue

Distributor Pack

Because we at Aegis Oil blend and distribute our own range of premium lubricants, we offer our customers peace of mind of knowing you are dealing with a New Zealand company, with its focus on New Zealand businesses.

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Aegis Distributor Opportunity

Farming Oils

Aegis Oil produces a range of oils suitable for use in all areas of the Farming sector including engine oils for all farm equipment, tractors, diggers, trucks, atv’s, and motor cycles.

A full range of Hydraulic Oils, Rotary Vacuum Pump Oils, Gear…

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Farming Oils by Aegis OIl New Zealand

Transport Oils

Aegis Oil produces a range of oils suitable for use in all areas of the Transport and Trucking sector.

The range includes Petrol and Diesel Mineral and Synthetic Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils and Gear Oils.

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Transport Oils by Aegis Oil

Super Tractor Oil Universal 15W/30 (STOU)

Aegis Super Tractor Oil Universal oil is a high quality multifunctional oil suitable for use in all four stroke engines including modern tractors, agricultural tractors, machinery and farm vehicles, off highway vehicles, transmissions, hydraulic syst…

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Aegis Oil makes it easy to buy  quality lubricants for less, with guaranteed availability and next day delivery.

Aegis Oil is truly a New Zealand brand, manufacturing and distributing an unrivalled range of oil products, right here in NZ. We are the only oil company blending and packaging in NZ enabling control over reliable, constant supply; delivery and flexibility of packaging ( you can have your own brand name on your packs!)

The lubricant you want is always available and can be with you overnight. It means you can use your money to do the things you need to do instead of tying it up on large quantities of stock. Offering lubricant solutions for all agricultural, automotive, forestry, marine, mowing and heavy machinery, the Aegis Oil brand can be trusted to protect your engines and equipment with its API specification lubricants – and at better prices than the imported labels.

Farmers save 15 -55% by choosing our lubricants and we make and supply a number of unique products farmers can’t find anywhere else. We know our customers like the personal service we believe is essential to offering you the best deals with the most reliable delivery. We are always stocked – because we make our extensive range of products and if you want bulk volume quickly – we can do that too.

Your association with a World Touring Car Champion starts when you choose Aegis Oil. Managing Director, Paul Radisich, has used just about every lubricant label on the market through his motor racing career and now is proud to have the only NZ brand, keeping manufacturing and jobs in New Zealand with his company, Aegis Oil. Aegis Oil – value for money, quality lubricant solutions, always available, made in NZ.

Keeping It In New Zealand