Long Life Organic Antifreeze

Long Life organic Antifreeze 4 Litre PackAegis Long Life Organic Antifreeze:

Key Features:

– Long Life Organic Carboxylate Inhibitor with Thermal Conductivity Additives.
– Silicate, phosphate, borate & nitrate free formulation.
– Protects from all types of corrosion.
– Suitable for:  Japanese, American, European & Australian (OEM’s).
– 3 years 60,000km long life organic inhibitor.
– Better for the environment than traditional antifreeze products.
– Contains thermal polymers.
– Recommended where the following performance standards are cited:  – AS/NZ2108.1.1977, ASTMD3306, ASTMD4240, ASTMD1384, GM1825M, JISK2234 (LLC), JASOM325 (LLC).
– Designed and manufactured forNew Zealandconditions to maximize anti-boil/antifreeze and corrosion resistance.


New Organic Technology Benefits:

  • Reduction of hot spots (critical metal temperatures).
  • Knock reduction/improved octane tolerance by reducing operating temperatures.
  • Reduction of overheat and after boil.
  • Reduction of cylinder wall and pump cavitation corrosion.
  • Reduction/elimination of corrosion to cooling system parts.
  • Improved stability of engine operating temperatures.
  • Elimination of head failure by better corrosion protection and cooling reduction.
  • Compatible with conventional antifreeze.  Dilution with conventional antifreeze or inhibitors will reduce extended life benefits.
  • Improved water pump and seal life resulting from fewer dissolved solids.
  • Increases water flow.

Long Life Organic Antifreeze 20 Lite Pack