Transport Oils

Aegis Oil produces a range of oils suitable for use in all areas of the Transport and Trucking sector including:

15W/40 Super Diesel Motor Oil

15W/40 Super Diesel is a premium diesel engine oil meeting CI-4 and SL Classifications.  Specifically blended as a low ash diesel oil for late model high performance diesel engines, including super-charged and turbo charged engines.

SAE 20, 30, 40, 50, 90 and 140 Oils

Aegis SAE mineral oils are a range of straight grade minerals oil designed for use where a monograde oil is required.  Aegis SAE Mineral Oils are blended using an additive package designed to reduce wear, and to help reduce oxidation and to help keep engines and gearboxes cleaner.

Series 2 20, 30 and 40 Oils

Aegis Series 2 oils are a range of high quality mono-grade engine oils ideal for use as a mixed fleet lubricate for petrol and normally aspirated diesel engines.

Series 3 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 Oils

Aegis Series III oils are a range of specialized mono-grade diesel engine oils for use where non multigrade engine oil performance is required.

EP80W/90 and EP 85W/140 Gear Oils

Aegis Multigear EP80W/90 and EP85W/140 are extreme pressure oils for gearboxes, hypoid final drives and differentials found in most vehicles.  Suitable for use wherever an EP type oil is recommended for initial fills and top ups.

Hydraulic Oils ISO 32, 46,68, 100 and 150

Aegis have a range of 5 High Performance mineral based Hydraulic Oils formulated to lubricate and protect hydraulic systems operating at high pressures and temperatures. These oils are compatible with most metals used in hydraulic systems, including copper and bronze.  The oils also offer excellent antifoam and rust protection, plus excellent demulsibility and filterability.