Super Two Stroke Oil

Aegis Super Two Stroke Mineral Oil

Aegis Super Two Stroke Mineral Oil is a high performance oil for air cooled two-stroke engines with oil-injected or pre-mix systems.

Suitable for use in mixtures of up to 25  to 1.  Suitable for use in motorcycles, mowers, chain saws, stationery engines and all other two stroke engines.

The special ash less formulation minimises harmful combustion deposits and is designed to resist internal rust and corrosion, while providing superior anti-wear performance.  Also protects against spark plug fouling and helps to extend spark plug life.



– Where a Two Stroke Oil is recommended.
– In all air cooled Two Stroke Motors.
– Suitable for both oil-injected and pre-mix applications.
– Use up to 25 to 1 mixture at manufacturers recommendation.
– Where a TC II or TC III oil is recommended.



  • Ash less formulation for increased protection.
  • Special low smoke formulation reduces smoking.
  • Reduces plug fouling.


Typical Properties

  • Viscosity cSt @ 40c                                        64
  • Viscosity cSt @ 100c                                      9.0
  • Viscosity Index                                                 117
  • Flash Point c                                                    105
  • Pour Point c                                                     -27