Aegis Motor Honey Oil Treatment

Aegis Motor Honey is an oil treatment which contains special detergents, dispersants, anti-oxidants and anti-wear ingredients.  It is formulated to complement the additives already found in motor oils.  Plus, a special viscosity index improver helps thicken the oil at high temperatures while maintaining smooth flow at lower temperatures.  It also helps create a thicker oil film to fill gaps between worn parts.


Aegis Motor Honey should be used in moderate to high mileage engines, as it is formulated specifically to give extra protection against wear and will prolong the life of higher mileage engines.  Excessive exhaust smoking (blue smoke) can be caused by oil making its way between worn cylinder walls and piston rings, and burning in the combustion chamber.  This is called “oil blow-by”.  Aegis Motor Honey helps reduce smoking by providing a thick oil film to help reduce motor oil blow-by.


Aegis Motor Honey is fully compatible with both mineral and synthetic motor oils.

Aegis Motor Honey, used at a 10% treatment rate, can be used in gear boxes, manual transmissions, wet clutches and differentials.  Aegis Motor Honey is not recommended for use in Automatic Transmissions.