Racing GP 50 Motor Oil


Aegis Racing GP 50 Motor Oil

Aegis Racing GP 50 Motor Oil is a high performance competition and racing engine oil, blended using base oils drawn from high quality base stocks and special additives formulated to withstand the harsh racing environment.

The oil is suitable for use in most four stroke engines operating under high speed and high load conditions as are usually found on race tracks.



  • Meets API Classification SJ/CF
  • Where engines are operating under high load/high speed conditions.



  • Meets API SJ requirements for engine wear and deposit control.
  • Excellent protection in most conditions.
  • Improves oil consumption control and provides longer engine life.


Typical Properties
SAE Grade 25/50
@40c, cSt 196
@100c, cSt  21.3
Viscosity Index  124
Pour Point c -21
Flash Point c 245