Aegis No.1 Synthetic Motor Oil


Aegis No1 is a Synthetic lubricant offering excellent engine protection in cold start conditions and maximum high temperature oil pressure.   Aegis No1 combines the highest quality base oils with the high tech additive technology resulting in an oil suitable for use in the most severe conditions.  


  • Suitable for use in all petrol and diesel and CNG/LPG engines, including turbocharged and supercharged engines operating under heavy load conditions.
  • Suitable for use where a catalytic exhaust system is fitted.
  • Meets and exceeds API Classification SN/CF


  • Superior protection from deposits in both hot and cold sections of the engine.
  • Maximum protection from rust, corrosion and foam.
  • Longer oil drain intervals in all engines.
  • Longer engine life and low maintenance costs.
  • Maximum cold start protection.
  • Excellent high temperature engine protection.
Typical Properties
SAE Grade 15W/50 Synthetic Fortified
@40c, cSt 137.0
@100c, cSt 17.5
Viscosity Index 140
Pour Point c -30
Flash Point c 204