Multigear EP140 LS Gear Oil

Aegis Multigear EP140 LS (Limited Slip) Gear Oil

Aegis Multigear EP140 LS oil is an extreme pressure gear oil especially developed for use in limited slip differentials.  The high load carrying capacity of this oil helps to prevent damage to gears that are operating under extreme conditions as found in limited slip differentials, and with the use of friction modifiers, correct operation of limited slip differential clutches is assured.



– For use in limited slip differentials.
– Can be used in most gearboxes, final drives and transfer cases where an EP 140 oil is required.
– In most vehicle gearboxes.
– In most vehicle differentials.
– Where API GL-5, GL-4 or GS-3 oils are recommended.
– Where Extreme Pressure performance is required.



  • Gives excellent protection against gear tooth wear.
  • Gives excellent protection against foaming, rust and corrosion buildup.
  • Offers excellent high temperature performance.
  • Works to reduce varnish and sludge buildup.
  • Helps to reduce gear chatter.
  • Helps limited slip differential clutches operate correctly.


Typical Properties                                     EP 140 LS

  • SAE Grade                                                       140
  • @ 40c, cSt                                                        375
  • @ 100c, cSt                                                      25.8
  • Viscosity Index                                                 95
  • Pour Point c                                                     -15
  • Flash Point c                                                    220