Super Outboard Oil

Aegis Super Outboard Mineral Oil suits all water cooled two-stroke outboard motors using premixed or oil injection systems, including Jet Skis and Water Bikes.

Dyed green for identification purposes. This special ash-less formulation minimizes harmful combustion deposits and is designed to resist internal rust and corrosion, while providing superior anti-wear performance.

Also protects against spark plug fouling and helps to extend spark plug life.


.Petrol Mixing Table

Aegis Super Outboard Oil is self mixing with either leaded or unleaded fuels to a mixture ratio of 25 to1.

Ratio Petrol to Oil Litres (L) of Petrol to mL of Oil
1 litre 5 litre 10 litres 20 litres 50 ltres 100 litres
25:1 40mL 200mL 400mL 800mL 2.0L 4.0L


Features and Benefits

Product Features Benefits
Self mixing with petrol Easy to use
Reduced ring sticking Better compression, better performance, easier starting
Corrosion resistance Longer Engine life
Cleaner Spark Plugs, minimum engine deposits Longer engine life and better power, less chance of pre-ignition, better spark plug performance and reliability.

Aegis Super Outboard Oil meets TC-WIII performance classification



SAE Grade 20
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°c, cSt 60
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°c, cSt 11.2
Pour Point, °c -35
Flash Point, °c 94
NMMA Rating TC-W3