All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Motor Oil 15w/40


Aegis All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) 15w/40 Motor Oil

Extreme Condition Performance: Maintains proper lubrication to protect engines under extreme farm conditions.

Minimal Wear: Increased anti wear agents minimize wear, wet clutch protection, smooth shifting plus excellent protection of wet clutch.

Corrosion protection: Advanced additives help protect against water, deposits and other corrosive materials to keep engines clean.


– Meets API SH requirements for engine wear and deposit control.
– Excellent protection in all seasons.
– Improves oil consumption control and provides longer engine life.
– Provides protection against foam, rust and corrosion.


Typical Properties

  • SAE Grade                                              15/40
  • @ 40c, cSt                                               103.6
  • @ 100c, cSt                                             12.5
  • Viscosity Index                                       122
  • Pour Point c                                            -24
  • Flash Point c                                           230