Petrol Engine Oils Synthetic Blend

Aegis Synthetic Blend Premium Grade Oils complement our existing range of high quality lubricants. All of the Aegis Synthetic Blend Oils use a new very high quality Base Stocks to which late spec additive packages are added to create the premium grades.


Aegis Synthetic Blend 5w/30 is a high performance, Semi Synthetic, turbo tested engine oil designed for today’s stop and go driving conditions.  The engine oil is formulated with modern additive technology to reduce engine wear and improve control of engine deposits in all gasoline and light diesel engines. API Rating SM/CF


Aegis Synthetic Blend 10w/30 is a Semi Synthetic motor oil suitable for use in cars, vans and light diesel engines.  Excellent in all seasons, this oil offers the highest protection against engine wear and deposits.  API Rating SM/CF


Aegis Synthetic Blend 10w/40 Semi Synthetic motor oil is an extremely high performance, multi grade engine oil, primarily intended for use in petrol engines, including supercharged and turbocharged engines.  Also suitable for use in small to medium sized diesel engines. API Rating SM/CF


Aegis Synthetic Blend 15w/40 Multifleet Synthetic Blend is designed to provide superior performance in all petrol and light to medium sized diesel engines, including turbocharged and supercharged.  API Rating SM/CG-4


Aegis Synthetic Blend  15w/40 Super Diesel Synthetic Blend is designed to provide superior performance for diesel engines in buses, trucks and construction equipment with longer drain intervals and engine life.  API Rating CI-4/SM


  1. Aegis Semi-Synthetic 10w/30 Motor Oil
  2. Aegis Semi-Synthetic 10w/40 Motor Oil
  3. Aegis Semi-Synthetic 15w/40 Multifleet
  4. Aegis Semi-Synthetic 5w/30 Motor Oil