Cutting Oil Top Cut 33


Top Cut 33 is a heavy, transparent, active, non-emulsifying, high additive EP cutting oil for use on ferrous metals, stainless and ricket/chrome steels.



This product is mainly confined to uses where a high viscosity oil is required.  Pipe threading by hand or machine are typical applications.  Top Cut 33 can also be used on stainless and nickel/chrome steels.  It is suitable for machining steels in various types of lathes – automatics, turrets and hand screw machines.  Being high in additive it is generally used on heavy duty operations such as gear cutting, broaching, turning, threading and tapping.



  •  I.S.O Grade                                                               46
  •  Kinematic Viscosity @ 40C mm 2/s                      46 Typical
  •  Flash point (PMCC) degrees C                             215 Typical


NOTE:  Values stated herein are typical and do not represent a specification.