Coolcut Soluble Threading and Machining Oil


Coolcut Soluble Threading & Machining Oil is a Bio-stable multi-purpose EP Nitrite free emuisifiable metal working/cutting fluid containing a highly sophisticated system of extreme pressure additives, anti-foam, anti-rust and anti-rust and anti-bacterial agents which forms a stable milky white emulsion when added to water.



The anti-foam additive is a non-silicone, non-ionic, mineral hydrocarbon based foam control agent.  Because of its chemical nature and resistance to “plating out”, the additive produces long term stability both in the concentrate and the resultant fluids.  The absence of silicone eliminates the possibility of “fish eyeing” in subsequent processes such as painting, anodising and powder coating.



The EP additive is a chlorine based branched chain, near pure compound.  The additive is not genotoxic, resulting gin its acceptance by General Motors (International) for use in its plants.



Basically, water soluble emulsions are used in operations where the necessity for good cooling outweighs the need for lubrication.  Other effects such as economy, corrosion inhibition, disposal of spent coolant, etc. must be considered and may have a decisive effect on the choice of cutting fluid.


An intrinsic characteristic of Coolcut Soluble Threading & Machining Oil is its inbuilt protection against bacteria.  This is more effective and longer lasting than the proteos offered by added bactericides.


To product an homogeneous emulsion, Coolcut Soluble Threading & Machining Oil should always be added to water (with agitation).  DO NOT add water to the oil.



For general machining requirements a concentration of 1 part Coolcut added to 20 parts of water (5%) will give good results on free machining requirements.  A concentration stronger than 1 part oil / 10 parts water (10%) is seldom necessary as performance is not significantly improved beyond this level, while detrimental effects such as foaming can be created.



When used as a grinding fluid, Coolcut Soluble Threading & Machining Oil should not be used at a weaker concentration than 1 part oil / 50 parts water (2%).  Weaker concentrations can significantly reduce the protection against corrosion.  Conversely, stronger concentrations may result in clogging of grinding wheels and glazing of the work piece.


General Recommendations for use:


Parts Water : Parts Oil

Machining                           Mild Steel and Brass          20:1

Medium Steel                       15:1

Hard Steels                          10:1

Aluminium                            25:1


Grinding                                                                               50:1

Rolling                                                                                  10:1

(suggested as a starting point)


Rust Protection :

Because of its superior anti-corrosive properties,  40:1 solution of Coolcut Soluble Threading &                                Machining Oil can be used as temporary rust  protection for mild steels in inside storage for up  to 4 weeks.

NOTE:  Values stated herein are typical and do not represent a specification.