Series 3 15w/40 Motor Oil

Aegis Series III 15w/40 Motor Oil is designed to provide superior performance for modern diesel engines operating under heavy duty conditions in buses, trucks and construction equipment.  This engine oil is suitable for use where engines are supercharged or turbocharged.



  • Where API, CG-4/SM oils are recommended.
  • Where MIL-L-46152B or MIL-L-2104D oils are required.
  • Where MIL-PRK-2104G oils are required.
  • In truck diesel engines, including turbocharged.
  • In Mack Engines requiring Mack EO-L, EO-J or EO-K Oils.
  • Where Volvo VDS or CCMC D5 or Daimler Benz 228 or MAN QC 017 oils are required.
  • In some Detroit Diesel Engines.
  • When Allison C-3 fluids are required.
  • When some Caterpillar spec oils are required.



  • Superior protection from deposits in both hot and cold sections of the engine.
  • Maximum protection from rust, corrosion and foam.
  • Longer oil drain intervals in diesel engines.
  • Helps to extend engine life and lower maintenance costs.


SAE Grade 15w/40
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40oc, cSt 104.6
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100oc, cSt 13.6
Viscosity Index 140
Viscosity Index -23
Flash Point, oc 228